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who care about your sound 
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Dozens of releases 
on national radio
Over 1000 records made
Dozens of releases 
on Spotify playlists
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We've helped scores of acts 
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OVER $800,000 raised for new project with Rocket Fuel
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Your Production Team

Aron Bicskey

As Head of Production, 
Aron excels across the board combining decades of experience as a music director, session drum and mix engineer. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, Aron is located at The Nest in Sheffield where he serves up Homegrown apple juice along with some of the tastiest mixes in the business.

Andy Baker

As well as managing artists and running business projects, Andy is an exceptionally talented writer and producer with over 20 years experience making records. With an encyclopaedia of contacts and collaborators globally, Andy is a brilliant partner for creative projects looking to push things to the next level.  

Tom Auton

Multi-Award winning songwriter and artist Tom Auton is based in Cardiff. Specialising in commercial pop, rock and top-end mixing, Tom is one of the UK's most exciting young producers with a bright future. In addition to this, his top-line collaboration skills ensure all artists give their recordings the chance to stand out. 

Rob Townley

With more control settings than your average spaceship, Rob's pedal board is the envy of every guitarist. Specialising in guitar-based, rock bands and faith-based music, he prides himself on attention to detail with every recording that he is involved with. Rob is based in Cheltenham, in the UK.

Artist we've produced music with

Philippa Hanna
Sheffield, UK
Achieved 1,000,000s of streams and views with the help of Andy & Aron
Janine John
South Wales, UK
Raised over £12,000 through Rocket Fuel to producer her album.
Austin, TX
"It was a joy to work with Aron and his team at Third Floor"
Nashville, TN
 "Aron quickly took the stress out of the room, making it  fun & creative" 
Peter Ihegie
Somerset, UK
"I loved working with Tom and Aron during the production of my songs"
Nottingham, UK
'Letting Go Of Yesterday' written by Andy played Nationally on BBC Radio
Fancy making new music?
Book in a meeting to Explore us producing and helping fund your next project

More artists we've produced music with

Staffordshire, UK
 "I'm so grateful Andy wrote Hold On with me...the crowd loves it"
Southampton, UK
Recordings ended up on national stations including BBC Radio 2
Gloucestershire, UK
Landed 25 songs on editorial playlist on Spotify produced by Third Floor.
Natalie Joy
South Africa
 "Writing with Andy was so wonderful...I loved the experience"
Essex, UK
Debut single played repeatedly on the UK's largest radio station
Sheffield, UK
We helped the band secure a record deal after producing their album.
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